We're a company of strategists and creative inventors who solve brand equations.

KITESTRING multiplies creativity with strategic thinking for resonating results. This is our company’s purpose. It’s also what gives our clients a clear advantage. We believe that a solid brand foundation is the common denominator for all successful projects.

What goes into STRATEGY? We begin by understanding the root of your goals. Then we subtract complications and confusion by analyzing your audience, competition and market trends.

What factors into CREATIVE? Guided by each project’s strategic direction, we layer the creative process into the equation. We add context to your brand story through thoughtful and stirring design, messaging and user experiences. Our creative outcomes intentionally entice your audience to engage and interact with your brand.

Although our process and purpose exists as a methodology, our living work is anything but formulaic. See how our multidimensional team delivers strategic branding, integrated campaigns and digital engagement projects that give our clients an edge by viewing our portfolio of work.