A Kitestring Workshop Series - November Early Bird Pricing

Book before November 30th to take advantage of our early bird pricing

The Brand Promise

If you’ve ever read a marketing blog, chances are you’ve come across Simon Sinek’s now famous advice: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Have you discovered your brand’s “why”? Let Chris Farias, Vice President of Creative, help you define your unique value, communicate it effectively, and build an emotional connection with your audience so they delight in what makes you different.

One-on-One: $499$299
Group Workshop* (minimum of 2 people): $250/person$150/person

* Group sessions will happen on Thursdays and be available based on number of registrants booked.

What you’ll leave with:

  • Clearly defined Brand Promise and Core Purpose
  • Learn how to articulate your brand promise and unique selling proposition so you’re ready for all of the upcoming New Year networking events!
  • 20 minute follow-up call with Chris
  • Kitestring’s “Elevating Your Brand” Email Series
What The Big Idea

With countless blogs, podcasts, and e-books all claiming to have the very best marketing advice, it can be difficult to pick out the tactics that are right for your business. You need an easily executable strategy that delivers real results. That’s where Jenn Hudder, CEO, and Chris Farias, Vice President of Creative, come in. Together, they’ll help you come up with the best marketing initiatives for your business in 2018.


What you’ll leave with:

  • Session One: A Year in Review - What Marketing tactics has your team executed? What worked well, what didn’t work well. Who is your best audience?
  • Session Two: Prioritized list of marketing areas and tactics to focus on in 2018 to meet your business goals.
  • A 20 minute follow-up call with your team in Q1 of 2018 to check in
  • Kitestring’s “Marketing Psychology” Email Series
Digital Discovery

Will 2018 be the year you keep your resolution to focus on your web and digital strategy? Let Brandon St. Amand, Vice President of Digital, and Chris Barnes, Director of Digital Media, help you stay on track. Together, they’ll review your current site and help you develop a strategy to target your market online. By the end of two sessions, you’ll be able to ring in the New Year with renewed confidence in your online presence.


What you’ll leave with:

  • Prior to your session, Kitestring will complete an audit of your existing website (user experience, site functionality, AODA) and an industry-specific digital advertising review.
  • Establish your business goals and how they relate to your online presence.
  • A prioritized list of recommendations to implement in the New Year
  • Kitestring's “Digital Strategies for Small-Medium Sized Business” Email Series