Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s brand felt tired. The forest green identity had represented the Centre for quite a few years, but it no longer reflected the exciting work coming from its team of researchers, scientists, and forward-thinking executive team. We heard that the Vineland story wasn’t being told to its full potential. So that’s where our work started.

Through stakeholder engagement, we learned that the true story of Vineland lives in their research projects and the humans who do the amazing research at the centre. From finding the best tasting greenhouse tomato to creating roses that can withstand Albertan winters, their work is not only impressive – it is interesting.

Vineland Tomatoes
Vineland Roses

With a strategy that focused on positioning their unique process as real-world progress, we looked towards the visual elements of the brand to carry the story forward.

After developing the primary identity, standard to every brand project, we took things a step (or ten) further. Each of Vineland’s research projects has their own stories to tell, so we gave them a part of the brand space to do that. Each major project has its own sub-brand with unique colour palette and graphic elements, while integrating seamlessly with the rest of the brand.

Vineland New Brand and Logo
Vineland Pointilism

Then we looked even closer and saw the individual experts within each project. So we gave them each their own piece of the identity, using a pointillism detail to create a pattern - a Vineland fingerprint if you will, unique to every employee. It’s a small detail but it gave everyone a place within the brand.

Different Stages of Research

With a robust brand in place, full of attention to detail – we then began a staged rollout. Special focus went into their web presence with an overhaul and delivery of a fully responsive website, complete with event management and career management systems.

Vineland Business Cards

Working as partners with the Centre throughout this process, the brand has been fully realized on every touch point going forward but also now lives as a brand that tells the stories of Vineland’s projects and people.

Vineland Website
Responsive Mobile Website
Vineland Innovation Yearly Report
Holiday Card for Vineland
New Greenhouse Signage and display