Shifted (Other Bird)

The Other Bird - Shifted App & Video Development

The Challenge

Being a full-service agency, we have the pleasure of seeing a project through from initial concept to final product. So when The Other Bird restaurant group came to us looking to develop a series of videos to promote a new app called Shifted, we couldn’t wait to get started. Shifted is designed for hospitality professionals looking to pick up extra shifts and restaurant managers looking for temporary staff.


Tactics Taken

On set, we supervised the shoot making sure that our storyboard and script were closely followed and that a strict timeline was adhered to.

In the sound booth, we directed the voiceover talent to ensure that we achieved the slightly sarcastic tone we were looking for.

When it came to edit the video, we worked with creative video studio, Atomic Spark. We facilitated the revision process between the studio and the client until final cuts were formally agreed upon.

The Result

The concept for the video was inspired by the common excuses shift workers give for missed shifts. From “The Sicko” to the “The Pallbearer,” each excuse was personified as a different, but recognizable character type.

Playfulness and wit are the stars in these promotional videos. Case in point? The tagline: “Give a shift. Take a shift. Shifted.” The script is rife with insider slang that would appeal to both audiences, like replacing “restaurant” with the word “resto.”

In the end, the final videos capture attention by playing off the target audiences’ recognition of common character types in the restaurant business while still communicating the app’s functionality.

Shifted App