Marin Hudson

Graphic Designer

Marin creates visual concepts that communicate big ideas. She believes good design has the potential to make the world a better place.

Marin has a Hamilton state of mind. She stays curiously creative by endlessly exploring the city and getting to know the people who call Hamilton home.

Marin’s Hamilton

“When I first moved to Hamilton, I knew there was a lot to be discovered. I started by searching for the tastiest hamburger and the best hike – essentials to Hamilton happiness. Sassafras Trail was one of my first and favourite adventures.”

The way to Marin’s heart?

A freshly-fried Cinnamon Sugar donut.

Kitestringers describe Marin as: 

An honest straight talker, a passionate craftsperson, and a socially intelligent designer.

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Jenn Hudder

CEO + Partner

Brandon St. Amand

VP Digital + Partner

Account Manager + Business Developer

Katie Stiel

Director of Client Services

Heather Mitchell

Creative Director

Alisa Sera Garcia

Creative Strategist

John Smith

Full Stack Web Developer

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Chief Financial Officer

Marin Hudson

Graphic Designer

Jill Anderson

Project Manager

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Chris Barnes

Digital Media Strategic Partner

Jane Allison

Communications & Community Strategic Associate

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