Vineland Growers Co-Operative - Cold Snap Pears

Vineland Growers Co-Operative - Cold Snap™ Pears

Bartlett and Bosc may be household names, but they'll face some "cool" competition this winter with the introduction of Canada's first branded pear.

After over 20 years of development, a new variety of pear is about to debut in supermarkets across Canada. It's been given the moniker Cold Snap™ to celebrate its ability to last through the winter and deliver a sweet, fresh crunch – even in January. When the Cold Snap™ pear arrives in supermarkets this winter it will be a huge win for local-conscious Canadian shoppers, Vineland Growers Co-Operative, and an exciting culmination to this branding project.

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While all aspects of a brand are important, coming up with the name to replace the pear’s AC Harovin Sundown name was our biggest challenge. We were tasked with conveying the pears attributes, standing out in the supermarket and creating excitement around an often-ignored fruit – while never seeing or tasting the pear.

Typical of Kitestring’s branding process, the Cold Snap™ name came from a solid foundation of research and strategy. Working with both Vineland Growers Co-Operative and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre on this project, the Vineland Consumer Insights team provided ours with in-depth research that has fully translated into the brand consumers will see in the produce section this fall.

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Winter's Favourite Fruit

When the Cold Snap™ pears make their debut at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto this November, so does the brand, which means we’ve been working hard to make sure everything is in place for a successful launch. The tagline, “Winter’s Favourite Fruit” was developed to prompt consumers to think local pears - even in January, when in previous years only imported pears were available.

And we promise, the pear won’t be hard to find. From creation of a social strategy, web design, custom bag packaging, and event supporting collateral, the Kitestring team is as excited to see the bright blue brand on the shelves as they are to finally taste the fruit of our labour.

Cold Snap Package - Bag

We chose the vibrant teal colour to grace the pear’s packaging in a typically earth-toned shopping environment. Pantone 631c helps convey the crisp and juicy qualities of the pear, while reinforcing the “fresh in winter” messaging.

So far the brand has been a hit with Cold Snap™’s growers, who are happy to have a shorter, snappier name for their new pear. The true test for the brand’s success determined by moving millions of pears this winter, from the field to storage, to the supermarket, and into the fruit bowls of Canadians this winter.

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