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Join Our Team: Creative Strategist/Graphic Designer

The Creative Strategist/Graphic Designer is a key role within Kitestring. We expect that they will execute brand ideation and development, as well as the production of advertising materials that are consistent with the agreed strategy and work closely with the team to...

What Is A CMS Website & How Do I Choose One?

With so many acronyms floating around in the digital world, and it’s easy to get lost in the seemingly random letters that get thrown our way.  Today, my goal is to shed some light on one that you’ve most likely heard thrown around: CMS. What is a CMS?CMS stands for...

What Is Hosting? How Is It Different From A Domain?

“What is hosting” has got to be one of the most frequent questions I get asked, especially when dealing with new domain name owners. In a time when a lot of businesses host their websites and email at different locations, it gets even more confusing. It’s a difficult...

What’s It’s Like Working with a Creative Agency

How a client has worked most effectively with agencies throughout their career. What’s it like working with a creative agency? We could tell you ourselves, but we’re a little biased. Instead, we’ve invited Kate Walton (General Manager, Communications at YMCA of...


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