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Beloved Hamilton charity Bike for Mike has been instilling a passion for riding in children for over five years. Bike for Mike was inspired by Mike Chamberlain, an avid cyclist and world traveller, whose love and passion for adventure carried him to some of the most breathtaking bike trails around the world. After he passed away, his family and friends wanted to share his passion for cycling and use it to help make his hometown of Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city.

We were moved by their story and couldn’t wait to undertake this pro-bono project. The passion of the Chamberlain family drove us to give them a brand that recognized their son and allowed them future success with their unique initiative. Bike for Mike is the only bike focused fundraiser where all proceeds go towards funding bicycles for new riders in high-need areas, to promote the benefits of biking and raise awareness for more cycle friendly streets in Hamilton.

The challenge was to respect the five-year history of the brand and recognize the passion that went into the creation of the original identity, while ensuring that the new brand resonated with their audiences and set them up with the tools they needed for future success.

We dug deep into the psyche of potential donors and future riders, creating a brand that is first and foremost aims to make Hamilton a more cycle friendly city, build brand ambassadors that embody the spirit of the brand, encourage and inspire Hamiltonians of all ages to ride, and create a unified hierarchy within the Bike for Mike brand and its many events.

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Bike for Mike Logo - Round

For us, the pivotal design breakthrough was the strategic and very personal decision to keep Mike’s signature within the identity and use the symbol of the bike chain to always represent Mike in any application.

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Their new identity is clean, versatile and represents the spirit of Mike across all collateral, their new website, and event pieces.

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