Atlantic Ballet

Atlantic Ballet

The Challenge

Although they have the distinction of being the only professional Ballet east of Quebec, the Atlantic Ballet was flying under the radar of many of their key audiences.

Their commitment to creative excellence was clear. It was now time for their brand to match that high standard.

The leadership team needed a way to raise awareness and tell their story through a clear brand architecture, strong visual identity, persuasive brand positioning, and consistent messaging.

Atlantic Ballet - Feel Something Different

Tactics Taken

We began by conducting interviews with the Ballet’s stakeholders to get a sense of what the Ballet meant to them. We heard stories of phenomenally talented dancers with an unparalleled commitment to their craft and a passionate leadership team with a relentless dedication to sharing these dancers’ gifts with the world. We couldn’t help but be inspired by the Ballet’s innovative spirit.

The Result

The tagline, “Feel something different,” communicates the Ballet’s ability to stir emotions and leave audiences in awe of every performance.

Atlantic Ballet Re-brand Atlantic Ballet Re-brand

The colour palette is derived from the bright and historic East Coast hues found adorning houses across New Brunswick.

Within the identity, the “laces” element represents the ribbons found on a dancer’s pointe shoes as well as a DNA strand to symbolize that dance is the ultimate form of human self-expression.

Atlantic Ballet Brochure Design Atlantic Ballet Banners
Atlantic Ballet Brochure Design

Atlantic Ballet Business Cards Design

After examining all of the Ballet’s communication efforts to date (including both a media and social media audit), we devised a tactic-driven communication plan for the next year of the Ballet with a particular focus on transitioning to their new look and sound.

Vibrant and timeless, the new brand along with a solid communication strategy in place exudes creative excellence and embodies the Ballet’s great purpose: To leave audiences inspired after every interaction – on and off the stage.