Aesthetics Group

Aesthetics Group

Aesthetics Group came to us looking for a brand for their new and unnamed premier residential landscaping company. But after we had met with them, the need for a new brand architecture as part of their brand to manage their growing number of businesses quickly emerged.

Aesthetics Group New Brand and Logo

One thing that united each business venture was that they grew out of a strong culture with the family business and the foundational values that showed their commitment to their customers. Their commitment to their clients became the story we wanted to tell and to do so in a way that directed and united the new Homeward division to the recognizable Aesthetics Group name. We built out a visual identity that spoke to the high expectations of their new target audiences, while elevating the look of all their business ventures.

In the end, the answer wasn't a brand for their new division, but creating a new brand for Aesthetics Group, and setting the client up with an architecture that would allow their new ventures, such as Homeward and others, to easily grow and share the brand equity under the Aesthetics Group name.

We know our work has met the mark when our clients can immediately see themselves living their new brand. Homeward by Aesthetics Group is a brand and identity that made our clients feel at home and solved multiple branding issues at the same time.

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