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Create a totally manageable system to execute your marketing strategy week by week

In our last blog post, we discussed how important it was that every business has a marketing strategy and plan. It keeps you focused and aligned to achieving your overall goals for the year. Having a clear plan also ensures that your efforts are well-coordinated and consistent with your brand and the audience you’re targeting.

Hopefully, you’ve read through this post and downloaded the marketing strategy blueprint that we’ve developed. (If not – go back and start there!)

From experience, this is the stage that we find many small businesses stumble in their marketing journey. A marketing plan looks great on paper. In fact, it looks so great that you pressed “print” and have a beautiful shiny copy sitting on your desk that you admire often.

You should feel great about this – you’re so much further ahead than you were last year. And, you’re likely in the elite 50% group of small businesses that actually have a marketing strategy! Kudos to you!

The next step is to take that strategy and actually start implementing it. Try not to be overwhelmed; remember, you’ve got a plan! This week, we’ve got another tool to assist you in translating that strategy into a weekly action plan to execute your marketing strategy. Remember, one bite at a time!

You’ve already decided who you want to target, where they’re most likely to see your marketing message and the type of messaging you’ll use in this first quarter. Your job now is to start slotting that into a weekly plan.

By focusing one week at a time, you’re able to zone in and think (in detail) about how to best execute your plan. Brainstorming and writing one blog post a week feels much less daunting than staring down a list of 6 to 12!

We like to approach it by organizing it into 2 main areas:

1. This week’s key activities:

  • Are there any events that you are attending this week? Slot those in and be sure to put your business cards and brochures into your bag now (seriously, right now)!
  • What day will your blog post be published? Do you need to set up a paid ad campaign to support it?
  • What content are you sharing on your social media channels and when’s the best time to share them?

2. Preparation for next week

  • If there is a theme to your marketing efforts? Outline what this will entail for next week (remember: one step at a time).
  • Make note of any upcoming deadlines. You don’t want to miss an ad submission deadline or a chance to participate as a guest in a podcast geared towards your industry.
  • What do you need to create, acquire or build in order to execute on the strategy next week? Need to call your graphic designer to get some blog graphics? Do that now so you have everything you need to publish on time!

Of course, a plan is a wonderful thing – but leave some room for spontaneity and unexpected opportunity. You may come across a brilliant article that your audience would value – post it! Your ad rep called with a great deal that checks all of the boxes in your strategy and falls within your budget – take advantage of it!

Keep building and executing your plan – week after week. Soon, you’ll find yourself building good marketing habits and really start to feel the momentum you’re creating!

Take it one week at a time! Develop a system to execute your marketing strategy by downloading our FREE weekly marketing planner to focus in and start marketing!

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