Kitestring's 10 Hearts - 10 Years - 10 Months - 10 Hearts

Celebrating Kitestring’s 10th Anniversary

In October 2007, a dream became a reality. The dream of creative work being done in a supportive environment that valued people and their ideas. The dream of being part of a community while helping to build it. The dream of entrepreneurship and creative freedom. The dream of operating a business in a new way. That dream was Kitestring.

In honour of that quest and all the success that has come along its way, Kitestring is launching the 10 Hearts Program. In celebrating 10 years of connecting humans, each of the 10 Kitestringers will choose a community initiative that is close to their heart and each month, all hands will be on deck to serve that particular activity. Before, during and afters will be shared via photo, video and social media. Most importantly, the spirit that built Kitestring will be shared with followers and will impact 10 important causes.

Hearts beating together, toward a strong community. We like that a lot. We are counting on you liking it too. Share the journey with us.