Jenn Hudder

Jenn Hudder

CEO, Partner

Steadfast and perceptive; Jenn’s sheer strength of character and ability to instill balance in a bustling agency is why the way she shapes the company can only be described with an equilateral.

As Operations Director, Jenn guides our company with strategic business leadership. Her vital role underpins all projects, positions, and interactions between KITESTRING, our clients and our greater audiences. Efficient processes, professional accountability and sturdy relationships are her playing field.  With her marketing skills honed in the Construction Industry, our valued industry clients look to her expertise in this specialized sector.  Jenn talks the talk and gets the job done for booming client collaborations.

Paired with company partner and Creative Director, Chris Farias, Jenn provides a perpendicular dose of corporate pragmatism and structure to his inventive visionary nature. 

Meet the Team

Jenn Hudder
CEO, Partner
Chris Farias
Vice President, Creative Development, Partner
Brandon St. Amand
Vice President, Digital Development
Heather Williams
Art Director
holly Gibson
Copywriter & Communications Strategist
Wendy Schwarz