Welcome CBC Hamilton

CBC Hamilton opened it's doors. Finally! I couldn't wait much longer. Since they moved to town months ago I have been in anticipation of this day. When I received my invite last week to their launch party I got real excited. Just ask Margaret. I think I might have squeeled. Yes, like a pig.

So today, Meg, Margaret and I took a walk down to James St. We strolled into 118 James Street South, the new home to CBC. The space was beautiful. High ceilings covered in tin, hardwood floors, CBC colours, brand new Macs, and of course cupcakes from our good friends at Cake and Loaf. I was ready to move in. If I had brought a toothbrush and a change of underwear, I just might have.

It was great seeing the location, but also meeting all the CBC Hamilton staff. They seem very excited to be here in Hamilton and were amazed by the community support. A few showed us around and introduced us to a few CBC Toronto folk.

What does CBC Hamilton mean to this community?

"It's in the genetic code of CBC Hamilton to innovate...What we are doing here in Hamilton is trying to forge a connection with all the talent in Hamilton...it will be a model that the best parts of it will migrate across the country...there's a new frontier out there and it's called 'digital." - Roger Gillespie, Executive Producer - CBC Hamilton

What CBC is doing in Hamilton is something new. Something that has never been done before. A marriage between what's going on and where it's happening; in real time.

They are also speaking to a crowd of people so often missed by the media. A young liberal crowd longing for change and to be heard. Giving these young people a voice will ensure that they stay in this city and continue to make it an awesome place to live, work and play.

What I really like about CBC is their real enthusiasm about Hamilton. They actually want to know what we care about as a community and want to cover that. What that exactly looks like in terms of a website, I don't know. But come Thursday, when they launch, I will be just as excited to find out.

From everyone at kitestring, welocme to our city, CBC!


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