HYPE has done and gone country with a Hillbilly Hoedown!

This shindig’s smack dab in downtown Hamilton, just over yonder from the Locke Street district. (Corner of King and Locke streets)

There’s fun aplenty and a chance to satisfy yer hankering for some Southern fare with all the fixins!

Get three sheets to the wind with $8 mini-pitchers of beer!

As per usual, HYPE is a free event for professional young bucks where both howdya do’s and sass are welcome and business card stickups are considered real tacky-like.

Wednesday, September 7th from 5:30 p.m. till whenever we get tuckered out!

Rolly Rockets
470 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 1B7

Ya’all better give us a head’s up on Facebook and invite yer friends, ya hear? (Check out the invite here!)

Gotta question? Email meg@kitestring.ca or tweet @Ettiekit

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