Christmas Cheer is #Contagious!

Children's Aid Society of Hamilton - Christmas Family Sponsorship from Jay Perry on Vimeo.

This year, my partner and I spent a few weeks tossing around ideas of what we should get the other for Christmas. Maybe it's part of becoming an adult, but the more I thought of what I "wanted", the more that I realized that I didn't actually need anything. So, remembering what fun the kitestring crew had a few years back when sponsoring a family through the Children's Aid Society, I thought we'd channel our efforts into making this a holiday to remember for another family.

In November I thought I'd share the thought on twitter, encouraging others to give the idea a try. To my surprise, lots of people responded, including one amazing local photographer, Jay Perry. He took spreading the holiday spirit to an entirely new level by involving his peers and friends. Wow! The beautiful video above documents his experience. Amazing job, Jay!

I hope Jay's video encourages many more people to get involved with giving locally this holiday season. It's too late to sponsor an entire family through the Children's Aid Society, but you can get involved by buying a new toy for their holiday toy room and dropping it off at their office location at 26 Arrowsmith Road. Contact Jennifer at for more information.

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